7 Stretching Equipment for Injury Rehabilitation You Should Definitely Try

Injuries, as much as it debilitated you, shouldn’t stop you from practicing your stretching routines. There are stretching equipment for injury rehabilitation that you can use as a partner without hurting your body even more. If you know the right routines as well as your physical limitations, you can have a worthwhile stretching with the devices I listed here.

NOTE: Before using any equipment, it’s advisable that you seek your doctor’s advice first. What I have here are suggestions that can work under varying conditions.

1. Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Bands

Ligament tears are dreadful aside from the fact that it hurts a lot. If you’d just undergone a surgery or just resting to heal a strained MCL or ACL, you can use the Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Bands. The 12 x 2 loops are TPE free and have five different resistance levels. Each band is light and easy to carry and is built to last.

Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Bands

Aside from use for sports, these bands can help in the rehabilitation of leg, back, and knee injuries like meniscus, patella, and ligament issues. There is a printed pamphlet for your quick reference plus you can also access their digital guidebook.

2. North American Health Care Foot Rocker

Plantar fasciitis could affect your daily routines especially if it recurs frequently. Injuries like an ankle sprain, tendonitis, and arch pain could also give immense pain and might force you to be immobile. By using the North American Healthcare Foot Rocker, you can ease the pain in just a few minutes.

Sports professionals developed this stretching equipment for injury rehabilitation to provide the best position to your foot and to stretch your lower leg effectively. Three rounds of stretching using this rocker for 30 seconds each is proven to reduce the discomfort of injuries. This foot rocker can fit almost every foot size and will allow you to deepen the stretch if you want.

stretching equipment for injury rehabilitation

3. CHISOFT Arched Back Stretcher

Are you always having stabbing back pains? You might be slouching all day so you better have the CHISOFT Arched Back Stretcher. By simply lying on this on your back, it can relieve the tension on your lumbar and remove the pain you’re experiencing.  You can also adjust the arch of this stretcher to three different levels depending on your back’s ability.

Using this for a few minutes would already make a difference. You can also use this if you have poor spinal alignment as long as your doctor suggests. The best part is you can put this device on your car seat or even on your office chair.

4. Live Infinitely Exercise Ball

If you’re fond of doing basic yoga positions as your stretching routines, it would help to have the Live Infinitely Exercise Ball. This stretching equipment for injury rehabilitation is made of professional PVC material with an anti-burst design so you can safely stretch without worries. This can withstand 2200 pounds of weight and up to 2 cm cut without exploding.

This ball also has a ribbed surface to keep you in place while stretching. You can also choose from five different sizes and four colors to match your routines. Buying this equipment will save your money on dud devices. Considering that it comes with free online resources, this is a wise buy for its price.

5. IdealStretch Hamstring Stretch Device

If you worry about your back and hip pain, you should use the IdealStretch Hamstring Stretch Device in your next session. The safe relief feature of this minimalist equipment will hold your back to ease the tension and further pain. It will also keep your knees straight during stretching while letting your hips be in the right orientation.

You can use this even if you’re young and experience pain from too many activities or an aging person who wants to be in shape. For less than 10 minutes of stretching, you’ll feel the instant relief.

stretching equipment for injury rehabilitation

6. Epitomie Fitness Finger Master

The carpal tunnel syndrome is an annoying injury especially if you have an office job that includes a lot of typing. And since not every hand is the same, you’ll find comfort with the use of Epitomie Fitness Finger Master. This stretching equipment for injury rehabilitation has five pistons that should be pressed by each finger. You can use it as a substitute for your stress ball or during your break time.

The resistance of the pistons is adjustable to six different levels to suit every hand. This device is also perfect if you’re a musician or someone with arthritis or recurring pain.

7. Range Master Door Shoulder Pulley

Rotator cuff injuries, frozen shoulder syndrome, bursitis, arthritis, tendonitis, name it, the Range Master Shoulder Pulley will help. This device is made of 77-inch nylon cord and a quality pulley system. The handles are made of smooth wood for easy pulling. You don’t have to worry about the security of this to your door as there’s a durable tag that will hold it tightly while in use.

Aside from being a piece of exercise equipment, this pulley is also used as a therapy device for the mentioned injuries.

The stretching equipment for injury rehabilitation I listed here would definitely help you on your recovery. Just make sure to ask for your doctor’s advice before getting one to ensure your safety.  Which of these appeals to you? Share it with us!