7 Ways To Improve Your Overall Body Flexibility

Gone are the days when reaching your toes on a sitting stretch is almost impossible. You can utilize some stretches to improve flexibility from head to toe without overexerting your body. Some of the tips I’ll give here are simple and seemingly disconnected to the idea of flexibility. But once you make it a habit, you’ll notice the difference it gives to your body. Aside from the personal tips that I’ll share with you, I’ll also suggest my choice of equipment so you can also enjoy the flexibility I’m achieving now.

1. Get a full body massage

Yes, this relaxing treat helps your body become more flexible! Your muscles could be in knots after weeks of working and it’s just right that you let it loosen up. This may not make you flexible directly, but it will help your body recuperate from the stress of working out or strenuous activities you’ve been doing at work. Request to the massage therapist that he focus working on your calves, glutes, upper back, and quads.

2. Drink lots of water

Water is responsible for keeping our body systems functioning and that includes the muscles. Enough water supply is necessary to hydrate the body and for the muscle groups to work on its optimum level. This is especially true if you engage in an intense workout or physical activities. Dehydration won’t just make you thirsty as hell but it will also degrade the function of your body. So grab your tumbler and have another big gulp.

stretches to improve flexibility

3. Maximize your body’s full range of motion

By maximizing the full range of motion, you allow the body to improve its flexibility. Try deepening your squats or touching your toes and you’ll reap the benefits in the end. However, it’s important to remember that using the full range of motion on your routines is different from overexerting your body. Just take it slowly with the stretches to improve flexibility and increase the intensity of your routines only if you have the ability to do so.

4. Do some stretching

Basically, stretching your body every day will be the easiest way to improve your flexibility. For at least 10 minutes a day, accomplish some stretching drills that will loosen up your muscles in knots. It doesn’t have to be gym-level, as long as you focus on each muscle group, you’ll be feeling a change. You can make a short list of exercises you can do for this part. If you want to skip the planning, you can purchase a piece of equipment with a guidebook.

5. Learn when to relax

Stretching for long periods wouldn’t be good for your body. It can burn out the muscles and cause physical pain. Also, take a time off your work so your muscles can be stretched and used.  Sitting at your desk every day won’t give you a bulging belly, it will also tighten your muscles. Try squatting after a whole day of sitting and you’ll know what I mean.

stretches to improve flexibility

6. Breathe properly

If you have a background in yoga, you’ll know that proper breathing is a foundation for aligning the body and the mind. This is also true if you’re working out or just practicing a short meditative routine. For at least five minutes a day, breathe using your diaphragm and not just your rib cage.  Make sure that your belly button has a moving in and out of your chest motion. Practice this daily and incorporate this into your stretches to improve flexibility.

7. Use stretching equipment

Stretching manually will surely help you increase your flexibility. But if you want to level up the ante, you should consider getting pieces of equipment. The full body type is the best choice since you won’t have to buy anything else. But if you’re on a budget, you can go with leg, hand, arm, or foot stretchers. Just be wise in choosing so you get your money’s worth.

The Best Equipment To Use On Your Stretches To Improve Flexibility

If you’re heeding my advice about getting a stretching equipment, you should consider the EverStretch Door Flexibility Trainer PRO. This is well-loved by taekwondo jinns and even typical individuals who are now enjoying a more flexible body. So what can you expect from a potential purchase? Check this out:

stretches to improve flexibility

Portable and Durable Equipment

Using the heavy-duty door anchor, you can loop the band on it while using the loops on the other end of your arm or foot. This is the surefire equipment for flexing your legs, arms, and even your whole body. The door anchor and everything in this package are portable so you get to stretch wherever you want. On the other hand, the straps are made from 150gr cotton so there’s no way it’s going to snap when in use. Like what they said, you should never settle for less!

Full splits in just a few weeks!

If you’re dreaming of nailing a perfect split, this equipment is for you. It comes with video tutorials for the routines as well as an online portal where you can refer to advanced exercises and tips from the experts.

Practicing stretches to improve flexibility will be more efficient if you pair it with the right equipment. The tips I gave here will guide you and in no time, you’re one flexible fitness buff! What do you think of these points? Of the EverStretch Flexibility Trainer PRO? Let us know in the comment section!