8 Stretching Bands You Should Have For Added Routine Resistance

Using exercise equipment stretching bands on your flexing routines will level up the ante. It would add more resistance and it will be easier to use compared to other bulky and heavy equipment. Bands are also easy to carry and store. In just a small price, you can get a whole set of bands for your morning stretch.

If you’re looking for one to purchase, I listed here eight of the top picks among workout buffs. Check each one and decide which you would trade your money for.

1. Fit Simplify Resistance Loop

Fit Simplify wants to make it simple for you to stretch and flex your muscles. This set is composed of five colorful bands that come with a bag and an instruction guide so you’ll safely use these on your routines. It’s made from Thermoplastic Elastomer in different resistance choices. Just refer to the label on each band to know its level.

These bands are extra light but work for gym routines, rehab purposes, or just basic stretching. Even if you’re traveling, you can easily bring these bands with you as it can be stored in a single bag. You can also wear one while walking to improve your thighs.

This is best even for beginners and fitness buffs. It’s also less than 15 bucks which is a risk-free purchase.

2. Tribe Resistance Band Set

If you want to be serious about stretching every day, the Tribe Resistance Exercise Equipment Stretching Bands will be the one for you.  The package contains 11 different resistance bands with varying strengths made from durable silicone. You can actually stack these 11 bands to have a whopping 80-pound stretch. On each band are hook ends where you can install the rubber handles.

These bands are physical therapist-approved so you have peace of mind that your stretching equipment won’t harm you in the process. The best part about this set is it comes with a complementary guide for your routines.

Tribe has confidence in their products that they offer the absolute money back guarantee if you don’t like it. They can also replace defective bands to give you the best user experience.

exercise equipment stretching bands

3. Yoga EVO Elastic Stretching Strap

If you love doing yoga, getting the Yoga EVO Elastic Stretching Strap will be a good addition to your routine. This cotton blend strap will help you stretch with peace of mind as it has very little chance of breaking like rubber bands. There are also loops on this band where you can put your hands and feet. Although it’s made of cotton, this strap still has elastic properties to allow better stretching.

Once you bought this, you’ll have access to online tutorials of 120 minutes HD videos. The package also comes with a guidebook so you can get the most out of the band.

Even if you use stretch strenuously, your skin won’t be irritated with the use of this band. Gone are the days that your limbs keep on flailing around while flexing.

4. Reehut Single Resistance Band

If you don’t have the budget for exercise equipment stretching bands like the Tribe, the Reehut Single Resistance Band will be your top pick. This comes in different colors and resistance weight so you can choose one that best suits your preference. Aside from the band, there’s also a soft handle that you can attach for easy stretching.

This is made from natural latex that’s durable enough to last long. It also comes with a simple guidebook so you will use the band properly and avoid injuring yourself. Reehut is also the compact choice compared to thick bands that you have to fold and stuff inside the small storage bag.

As an easy stretch band, Reehut is the best buy for less than 10 bucks but it could be a bit short than other bands.

5. Serious Steel Assisted Pull-Up Band

As another single band, the Serious Steel Assisted Pull-Up Band is another great choice. It comes with a plain elastic micro band in different resistance levels. It doesn’t have handles or hooks but it will definitely be functional for freestyle stretching.

If you can’t decide which resistance to choose, simply buy a few of the lower ones so you can combine them in the future if you feel like doing it. Once you purchase at least one band, you’ll have full access to the online guide that will be emailed to your account.

Since these exercise equipment stretching bands are made of latex, make sure to store it in a cool, dry place. The latex may start to deteriorate if you leave it outdoors.

Whatever part of your body you want to stretch, this band will surely do the job.

exercise equipment stretching bands

6. Super Exercise Latex-Free Band

Looking for a wide and long band for your stretching? This Super Exercise Latex-Free Band is indeed super with its seven-foot long and six inches wide construction that can be used for yoga, Pilates, or just your typical stretching routine. This band comes in different colors and resistance.

It’s definitely latex-free to avoid weathering and it doesn’t have a rubbery odor that may irritate your skin. The manufacturers never forget to deliver it in style with its resealable pouch and carabiner. Included in the package as well is ane-guidebook that will be emailed to you.

You can also avail Super Exercise’s discount promo once you buy at least three of these bands. I’m sure that you’ll love this product as you can stretch even without leaving your bed!

7. FOMI 7-Ring Stretch Band

The FOMI 7-Ring Stretch Band have seven resistance levels that look like ring loops for easy grip. This single band can already help you stretch your body at home. This way, you can work out while watching TV, staying in bed, or relaxing. By grabbing each of the rings, you increase the intensity of your stretching slowly.

These exercise equipment stretching bands are latex-free and helpful if you want different resistance levels in just one piece of equipment. You can use this while you walk around the house but be careful not to snap it out of your feet.

FOMI means ‘Fear of Missing In’ that’s why this band is made just for you.  The manufacturers have the mission to keep you out of pain by proper stretching with the best band.

8. Limm Exercise Resistance Loops

A stretching band set is always the best buy since it will give a variety of choices when it comes to resistance. The Limm Exercise Resistance Loops are exactly like that. It’s composed of five latex bands that are one foot long each. Though small, it can be stretched for any routine you can think of. This band can compete with other brands at a smaller price.

If you’re looking for the convenient choice, this Limm Loops would be perfect.

These exercise equipment stretching bands are all helpful as long as you use it properly. It will allow you to stretch while you’re in bed or doing other things. If you practice caution while using this, you’ll feel lighter without injuries. What do you think of these bands? Let us know in the comment section!