10 Stretching Equipment Every Runner Should Have At Home

When we run for long, our knees and feet always take the beating. Muscles got used so much that it may start to ache after a few days. Be it professional runners or just morning joggers, they know the value of stretching before hitting the road. It will prevent injuries while it will also make their performance even more efficient especially during a competitive event.  A few stretching equipment for runners at home will actually speed up this process.

Here, I listed ten of my favorite pieces of equipment that you may also get for yourself.

1. YOFIT Foot Rocker

Before going for your morning run or your next marathon, pamper your feet using the YOFIT Foot Rocker for at least 10 minutes a day. Aside from stretching your foot, it also straightens your ankle and improves your balance and flexibility to dodge injuries. If ever you’re already nursing an injury, this foot rocker will help in the rehabilitation.

YOFIT Foot Rocker fits almost every foot size so you don’t have to worry about getting the right one. You can use this while sitting, but if you want to experience the full benefits, you should use it while standing up. Make sure that you wear a comfortable pair of shoes before using this equipment.

If you’ve been ailing because of tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, ankle sprain, and other painful conditions due to running, this equipment would be your stretching gem. Such features are for the money considering that it only costs less than 20 bucks.

2. Pretty Simple’s Stretch Band

If you want something on the go and easy to carry, you can get the Pretty Simple’s Stretch Band. You can use it to stretch your legs, feet, back, and arms. This is a very versatile equipment that you can use as a complementary tool on other gym equipment. If you’re just stretching at home, this stretching equipment for runners can be a standalone equipment.

The best thing about getting this band is you have full control over your routines. You can deepen your stretches and maximize the full range of motion of your body so you can avoid injuries the next time you engage in a run. Even if you use it with great resistance, the material of the band won’t hurt the skin and it will stay durable for long.

The technology on which this band is produced removed 99% of all latex allergens that may irritate the skin. It’s also made with less risk of snapping while in use.

stretching equipment for runners

3. FlexExpress Foot Stretcher

Ballerinas aren’t the only few who needs to do some pointed foot stretch. With the help of FlexExpress Foot Stretcher, you can now crack the tight foot muscles you have. You just lay this on the floor and slip your foot on the fabric sleeve. Lie down and slowly flex it while you put pressure on the elongated calf and heel pad.

This works effectively and you’ll see a difference on your footing in just a matter of days. Also, it comes in different patterned designs so you’ll have a bonus point in the aesthetic aspect. Aside from you, your kids would surely love this stretching equipment for runners especially if they love dancing.

FlexExpress fit almost every foot and there’s enough space for the leg to rest even for taller individuals. This is a bit expensive than the first two equipment I listed but given the efficiency, this is considered a wise buy.

4. OPTP Stretch EZ Foot and Leg Stretch Aid

As another convenient equipment, the OPTP Stretch EZ Foot and Leg Stretch Aid will be your best choice. It’s made from straps and foot belts that you can tighten and pull to give your foot a good stretch. The material is durable plus the cradle design is perfect for mild to strong stretching. Actually, there are extra loops in the equipment, so you can adjust it whenever you like to.

The OPTP equipment flexes your soles, calf, hamstrings, Achilles tendon, and the thigh. If you have a problem with maximizing your full range of motion, this gear will be your best choice. This stretching equipment for runners is made with such condition in mind so you won’t overstretch your appendages.

You also don’t have to buy a pair of this as you can simply switch to the other foot for equal stretching. This is best if you’re just starting to do some stretching and you’re quite skeptic to invest in big equipment right away.

5. Ameauty Rubber Gel Toe Stretchers

Your feet hitting the ground repeatedly will leave your toes battered. The continuous use of your toes will also result in stiffness and intense pain. In that case, you’ll need the Ameauty Rubber Gel Toe Stretchers that are made from medical-grade silicone to make sure that it’s toxin-free and odorless.

This is also good for correcting deformed toes like those you might experience if you have a hammertoe, bunions, or overlapping toes. Once worn, this will separate each toe and will increase the blood flow to each one. The best part is you can wear this outdoors and indoors or even with your shoes on. This will prevent further injuries to your toes while you run or do other sports.

Aside from the pair of toe stretchers, the package also comes with a small massage ball. You can use this on your soles, back, or arms for added comfort while you rest. This stretching equipment for runners is less than 15 bucks so it’s totally a wise buy.

stretching equipment for runners

6. Housable’s Calf and Ankle Stretcher Board

Before running, it’s crucial that your calves, ankles, and feet are warmed up. You can use the Housable’s Calf and Ankle Stretcher Board to do exactly what you need to condition your feet. This is a fully adjustable equipment that has angle options of 10, 20, 30, and 40 degrees for the resistance of your choice. This feature is also friendly even to beginners who have very tight calves.

To ensure that you won’t slip from the board while using any angle, there are foot pads as well as rubber bottoms so it will stay in place and won’t damage the floor while in use. Unlike other equipment that has bolts and screws to assemble, this board only needs to be unfolded. This is also a plus point in the storage aspect given its compact dimension of 18 x 15 x 14.

If you’re attending physical therapy, this stretching equipment for runners will be the perfect reinforcement at home for less than $60.

7. FOMI 7-Ring Stretch Band

Tired of plain stretch bands? This FOMI 7-Ring Stretch Band will be the convenient alternative. It’s a full body exercise band that’s portable enough to be transported anywhere you want to. Using the seven rings, you can easily adjust the resistance of your stretch be it for your feet, arms, or upper body. This is a comfortable home equipment that’s durable enough to last longer than your previous bands.

The FOMI band is latex-free and made of TPE rubber for better endurance while stretching as well fewer chances of rotting. If you prefer stretching at home, this could be your best choice. You can choose from the three colors for the type of resistance you want. Green is light, blue is medium, and black is strong.

Whatever you choose, there will still be adjustments that the rings could give. This is less than 15 bucks so you can get one without hurting your budget.

8. TMAS Pro Leg Stretching Equipment For Runners

If you can spare more dollars for another reliable equipment, don’t hesitate to get the TMAS Pro Leg Stretcher. You can use this to enhance the flexibility of your legs especially your hamstring muscles. The leg pads on this equipment can be adjusted up to a full 180-degree split position. Mastering this full range of motion is important for less risk of injuries while running or doing other sporty activities.

Aside from the well-padded construction, this equipment also uses gears instead of cables to adjust the leg pads. This is so the equipment will last and there are no cables that may break off easily. It can carry user weight of up to 235 pounds.

The best thing is that this equipment comes fully assembled. You only have to put the wheel in place to start stretching. Remember not to use this on top of a carpet so the wheels won’t get stuck. Anyway, some users say that they don’t encounter any problem with a rug underneath.

stretching equipment for runners

9. Physix Gear Sport Roller Stick Pro

The Physix Gear Sport Roller Stick Pro may not be entirely a stretching equipment but its role in loosening up the muscles on your legs is one thing that you shouldn’t miss. Muscles can be compressed, in knots, and stiff after a long run so with this roller, you can start massaging it. The act of using this stretching equipment for runners can be beneficial to your grip as well as your arm muscles.

With a design intended to improve blood circulation while in use, this Physix Gear is perfect after a session of running, biking, or any intense footwork. It has a sturdy stainless steel core that’s just unbreakable. Also, this roller doesn’t squeak or hurt your skin as the thermoplastic material is well designed.

Like what it says, this roller will let you relieve, recover, and rejuvenate. That’s such a big promise for less than $15 and the best part is it really works!

10. Ideal Stretch Hamstring Equipment

Got problematic hamstring muscles? If so, it’s time to get the Ideal Stretch Hamstring Equipment for less than $60! It will allow you to stretch your legs even without a partner so you can use it at home. It will also keep your knees straight while stretching so no dangerous half-bends will happen. The Ideal Stretch Equipment also prevents the improper hip orientation while you’re stretching.

On this equipment, you can do isometric stretches while you target different muscles in your lower body. The inverse stretch reflex will also be improved while you hold a certain stretch longer.  Overall, this will leave you with relax muscles and healthy joints if used regularly.

If you’re doing sports like running, this would be the best equipment especially if you’re not getting any younger.

This list of stretching equipment for runners is just some of the wonderful choices you can find. But what I have here are proven and tested pieces that are for the money. If you don’t have the budget to buy big machines, this is your go-to reference. I made sure that whatever your budget is, you’ll have something to look forward to purchasing. Which one of these are you considering? Share your thoughts with us!