Don’t Have Enough Home Space? Here are 10 Compact Stretching Equipment That You Can Use

Stretching doesn’t always require big machines especially if you don’t have enough space in your home. There are stretching equipment for home use that you can buy without cramping up your household with additional stuff. It could be a small piece of equipment, but it will surely make a difference on your routines than having nothing to use.

Here, I listed 10 of the best picks that you can find for a compact stretching device. Still, many of these aren’t full body equipment and can only cater a few body parts at a time. But you’re lucky since I included here some small ones that can already make wonders from head to toe.

1. Sport Safely Compact Foam Incline Stretch Wedge

Wood reclining devices aren’t always the top choices so I think it’s important to include here the Sport Safely Compact Foam Stretch Wedge. This is small and made of latex, lead, and BPA-free foam that you can stack to achieve a certain reclining angle for your foot. You can use this for the rehabilitation of your injuries in the ankles, wrists, calves, and foot. This is sold in pairs so you can use your two feet at once.

If you’re planning to bring this to the gym or office, the reclining foam is easy to carry and lightweight enough for convenient transporting. These foams are best for warming up routines or for your simple stretching drills. You can actually use this on the car to add a little support on your foot while you travel.

Anyway, these reclining foams aren’t best used with weightlifting. Too much weight can squash the foam and may not serve its purpose.

2. ProStretch Calf and Foot Stretcher

Foot pains are almost normal when you’re always wearing high heels or your job includes a lot of walking. If you’re recovering from pain and other injuries like tendonitis, shin splints, and tight leg muscles, the ProStretch Calf and Foot Stretcher is for you. Through its rocking motion, this stretching equipment for home use helps your lower leg relax while improving your range of motion and overall foot flexibility.

You can use this while watching TV or just sparing a few minutes for stretching. The foot rocker can hold user weight of up to 250 pounds and can fit up to shoe size 13. Regardless if you’re an athlete, fitness guru, or someone recovering from physical injuries, this foot rocker will help you just the same.

Just 10 minutes on this rocker can already help you manage your foot pains. If you want, you can use this every two hours.

stretching equipment for home use

3. NeeBooFit Resistance Loop Band

Mini bands are the best stretching equipment for home use if you want to stretch while in the office or during your spare time. And if you’re thinking of buying one, consider getting the NeeBooFit Resistance Loop Band. This comes in a set of six with varying resistance so you get to choose your fix of stretch whenever you want to. Though small, the bands are 12-inch long compared to the typical 10-inch loops. This will give you the freedom to use it even on full fledge exercises.

These bands are made from natural latex. It can be a good substitute for dumbbells if you don’t have the budget to buy one or you’re not into lifting weights.

The package comes with a guide booklet where you can refer for exercises. If you run out of thing to do with the material, you can look for the product’s site for more routines.

4. Ranger Master Over Door Shoulder Pulley

Are your shoulders always taking the beating? If so, you should definitely have the Ranger Master Over Door Shoulder Pulley in the office or at home. You can simply mount this on your door and start pulling the handles. This simple stretching equipment for home use is very helpful in maintaining the health of your arms and shoulder while nursing your injured rotator cuff.

The handles are made of smooth wood with nylon strings attached to a custom-designed pulley. The cord itself is 77-inch long and can be adjusted on the handles so you can use the device while sitting or standing up. You don’t have to worry about the pulley producing squeaking sounds as the nylon has a self-lubricating property.

You’ll really enjoy this equipment as it comes with a flip chart guide in English and Spanish. It may look wobbly, but this Ranger Master equipment is made to last and the cord won’t snap easily.

5. North American Healthcare Arched Back Stretcher

If you’re always experiencing back pains, it’s advisable that you keep a North American Healthcare Arched Back Stretcher with you. It’s a fully padded device that will help restore your posture and relieve lingering back issues. You can simply lie down on it on your back or carry it with you on the driver seat. This is a comfortable cushion but better than pillows since this stretcher has an ergonomic design for your spine.

This stretching equipment for home use can work even for individuals weighing 300 pounds. The arch is about 4 inches high but it won’t hurt your back even if you’re a petite 5’1 person. Even therapists love this product and can work perfectly with a large pool noodle as a cushion to your neck.

Just lie on this equipment for five minutes while doing deep inhales and exhales and you’ll see the effect. This works and in just a small price.

stretching equipment for home use

6. IronMind Expand Your Hand Bands

Though its already small, mini bands can still be an effective equipment if you’re trying to be inconspicuous in the office or public. With IronMind Expand Your Hand Bands, you can get rid of arm and elbow pains using the small loops to stretch. It can fit your hands and fingers and it can be a substitute for hand grippers. Buying this will give you ten bands with two sets of different resistance. These are latex-free and definitely made to last.

You can always keep one of these bands in your pocket so you can stretch whenever you want to. This can be a good substitute for your stress ball. Instead of raising your blood pressure or clenching your fist in times of intense pressure, you can redirect your rage on this band. This stretching equipment for home use won’t snap easily and will really give you a long bout of flexing.

7. Epitomie Fitness Finger Master Strengthener

No more tight fingers with the Epitomie Fitness Finger Master Strengthener. This will help if you’re playing an instrument, had to type in front of the computer for long, or you have to lift weights on your workout. Each piston of this device can be adjusted up to six different levels of resistance. You can easily store it in your pocket if you’re always on the go.

Unlike big equipment, this Fitness Finger Master Strengthener can be used while you’re working or if you’re recovering from arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or hand surgeries. It will also remove the pressure on your joints that will be very beneficial for your muscles.

Once you purchase this device, you’ll be given a full access to the product’s online instructional videos. If you want a toy that can ease your hand pains, you can never go wrong with the Epitomie Fitness Finger Master.

8. Python Power Twister Chest Builder

If you’ve always had weak arms, you might probably have trouble with gripping or lifting things. Not to mention how many muscles cramps you’ve had in the past weeks, you’ll benefit from having the Python Power Twister Chest Builder. With handles attached to a sturdy spring, you can try bending it as much as you can. This stretching equipment for home use will help flex your arm muscles while you start to strengthen your core as well.

You can adjust the resistance of the bend by gripping near the spring or far from the spring. If you’re starting out, I highly suggest that you utilize the wrist straps to avoid hurting yourself when the handle suddenly slipped out of your hands.

Overall, this product is made of quality carbon steel springs and rubber handles for utmost efficiency. The resistance of this equipment can be adjusted from 40 to 100 pounds.

stretching equipment for home use

9. DR JK ToePal Toe Stretcher and Separator

Wearing high heels all the time can stress your toes as much as it strains your calf. After a tiring day, you can treat your toes using the ToePal Toe Stretcher and Separator. This comes in two pairs of spacer gels to realign your toes and to give it a mild but nice stretch. One is an enclosed stretcher for yoga while the other one is a simple loop for your resting toes.

If you have hammertoes, claw toes, or any condition that irritates your toes, this will bring a great relief. Each of the stretchers is made from medical grade soft gel so you’re in good hands while using this. This stretching equipment for home use can fit any foot sizes so you don’t have to worry when placing a purchase.

Aside from stretching your toes, this stretcher would also make nail polish application way easier. You can even wear it inside your shoes if you want.

10. Original Stretch Out Strap

Who says a full body stretching equipment can’t be bulky? With the Original Stretch Out Strap, you can flex all you want without the need to maintain bulky machines. This is a 6.4-foot woven strap with 10 individual loops for adjustable resistance levels. The material is made of durable nylon that won’t snap easily and still have a little stretchy property.

You can use this is a simple warm-up device or a full body equipment if you know enough routines. Even athletes and dancers use this for therapy or in improving their body flexibility. With this strap, you can know perform stretches even without a partner. This comes with a free guidebook so you got your routine covered. You can also look for tutorial videos online.

Even if you had surgery years ago and have limited movements, this strap will do its job for you. Say goodbye to injuries once you use this strap regularly.

Stretching at the comfort of your own house is better than hitting the gym. This will be more effective if you use stretching equipment for home use that’s fit for your routine and budget. You don’t have to get a machine right away. As long as you know which part of your body you want to stretch, you’ll find an affordable deal. Which one of these do you plan to get? Let us know in the comment section.