8 Stretching Equipment Under $100: Get Your Fitness Loot!

You can stretch on a budget! If you have extra bucks for the holidays, you can actually get yourself a self-gift of the best stretching machine under 100. Though very affordable, these pieces of equipment will last longer and even exceed the value of your money. You just have to figure out which part of your body you want to stretch and you’ll surely have a gem on this list.

Here are 8 choices you can choose from with brief reviews for a quick reference.

1. Vive Foot Rocker

Are you an avid runner? Then you must be experiencing feet pain all the time. If so, you should have the Vive Foot Rocker as your go-to stretching equipment. It can fit any foot size and ergonomically designed to relieve pain through a rocking motion. You can use this while sitting or understanding without the worries of slipping since it has heel plate locks.

For less than 20 bucks, you can now enjoy pain-free feet anytime and anywhere. Aside from your foot, this equipment also isolates your leg’s ligaments and tendons for better stretching. This is exactly the equipment you need if you’re cash-strapped but has a recurring foot pain.

This is better than using bands as you can use this effortlessly even if you’re watching TV or sitting in bed.

2. Tiger Claw’s Steel Leg Stretcher

Start flexing your tight hamstrings using the Tiger Claw’s Steel Leg Stretcher for less than 30 bucks. This best stretching machine under 100 has three bars attached to a brace. You should rest your heels on the padded ends of the outer bars while you hold the handle on the middle one. This is a beginner’s equipment so you get to increase your flexibility with an affordable tool.

The pull bars are adjustable so you get to increase the intensity of your stretching. The best part is you can simply store this under your bed or in a small corner of your living room. This is the best catch if you’re leaving in a small apartment.

You can save hundreds of dollars on this machine without sacrificing efficiency.

best stretching machine under 100

3. Ideal Stretch Hamstring Device

Your hamstrings always take the beating when you run and walk too much. The damage will be even worse if your muscles aren’t well stretched. This is why it’s necessary to get the Ideal Stretch Hamstring Device so you can have a portable equipment at your home. For less than 60 bucks, this is already the best stretching machine under 100 for a holiday gift for you or someone who’s a fitness buff.

This equipment will allow you to do isometric stretches that can be rehabilitative if you’re recuperating from a knee injury. Doctors recommend this product and though it has a simple construction, the ergonomics is more than genius.

The Ideal Stretch is a risk-free investment and if you’re curious about its efficiency, buy one and see for yourself.

4. Gravity Fitness 12-inch Loop

If you don’t want a bulky equipment at your home, you can simply purchase a Gravity Fitness 12-inch Loop for freestyle stretching. This can be used for your legs, arms, and back. Unlike other bands, this product is latex-free and non-elastic for a lesser risk of breaking off while in use. The whole equipment is made from nylon with neoprene padding on the loop for the most comfortable feel.

Using the loops, you can increase the intensity of the stretch on this best stretching machine under 100. If you don’t know any routines yet, you can refer to the guidebook that comes in the package as well as the online material you’ll be given access to.

Even if you’re recovering from an injury, this band will work perfectly. For less than $20, this is, by far, the best equipment I’ve ever seen.

5. JBM Yoga Wheel

Let those tight back muscles go popping in relief in the JBM Yoga Wheel. Measuring 12 X 5 inches, this ring-like equipment can be used to stretch your upper body as well as a prop if you’re actually doing yoga. To make sure that you’ll be injury free, the wheel has TPE padding that’s very durable.

You can use this even if you’re on the go. It weighs a measly 3 pounds but can accommodate user weight of up to 300 pounds. It also wicks sweat so you can stretch comfortably.

This best stretching machine under 100 comes in gray, pink, black, and purple colors so you can choose one that matches your style. You can get this wheel for less than $25 and you can even buy for your friends if you have some extra to spare.

best stretching machine under 100

6. Zen Strength Hand Exerciser

The Zen Strength Hand Exerciser will make sure that your fingers and palms are always well-stretched for another bout of typing job or any strenuous hand tasks. You can squeeze, pinch, grip, or stretch the elastic gel material with finger holes and ball structure in the middle.

Even if you’re in the office or just watching TV, you can use this hand exerciser. It can also serve as your stress ball when you’re caught in a heavy traffic.  You can bring it in your bag so you can have it handy all the time.

This may look like a kid’s toy but its durability will speak for its quality. You can stretch using both your hands and this will still go back to the original form after use. This is less than 20 bucks.

7. Hercules Grip Forearm Strengthener

Are you planning to buy separate pieces of hand exercisers? Stop until you read this! The Hercules Grip Forearm Strengthener comes with four pieces of different hand exercisers in less than $20. You get to save about a hundred dollars from buying each one separately from different brands. This best stretching machine under 100 comes with a finger exerciser, hand gripper, finger stretcher band, and a grip ring.

The hand grip is very adjustable and the resistance of these four devices varies between 22 to 88 pounds. This package is indeed one for the money as an instructional video also comes with it. If you have arthritis, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other hand problems, this set will be a rehabilitation kit for you.

This will last long and exceed your money’s worth.

8. Epitomie Fitness Finger Master Stretcher

Are you getting frustrated with your stiff fingers? This Epitomie Fitness Finger Master Stretcher will be your favorite stretching device. You can use it while walking, watching TV, or as a replacement for your stress ball. Since the manufacturers recognize that not every hand is the same, they will allow you to adjust the device up to six different grips.

If you have carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, or grip problems, it’s time that you purchase this device. It’s very affordable at less than 20 bucks and can last a lifetime of use. You’ll also have access to online instructional videos on how you can use this equipment efficiently.

You could be a musician, weightlifter, typist, gamer, or an athlete, this Epitomie stretcher will suit you well. If you’re not satisfied with the quality of the product, the seller is willing to give a complete refund. A total risk-free purchase!

These choices of the best stretching machine under 100 can be your gift ideas for your friends or family members who love to do morning stretches. Some are portable and easy to carry which make it truly wise buys. These holiday season, there’s nothing better than giving someone or yourself the gift of good health.  Which of these are you intending to buy? Share your choice with us in the comment section!