Looking For The Perfect Fitness Gift? Check This Affordable Stretching Equipment

Regardless if it’s the holidays or someone’s birthday, fitness equipment never come out of style. It’s the best gifts for fitness enthusiasts or to your friends who need a gentle reminder that they need to take a break. Many choices are affordable and you can get a few for each of your loved ones. Here, I listed eight of the top picks among fitness buffs that you can wrap on your next gift giving.

1. Perform Better Mini Stretching Bands Kit

Got a busy friend who can’t hit the gym? Surprise him with this Perform Better Mini Stretching Bands Kit. This set of 10 mini bands will allow him to stretch while at work, home, or in the car. These bands will also be rehabilitative if someone is recovering from an injury.

The professional grade bands target the glutes, shoulders, and thighs. It can be worn around the thighs while walking for an added twist on their daily routine. Your friend can combine the bands for a higher resistance. This is light, compact, and odor-free so you’ll not be embarrassed to give this as a gift.

The bands are reliable and won’t break off easily. With the ten elastics in the package, your friend will have a stretching equipment for a long time.

2. URBNFit Exercise Ball

Give a fitness enthusiast a wonderful addition to his home gym. This URBNFit Exercise Ball is made of durable PVC material that can endure up to 2,000 pounds of weight. It can be used in the most intense routines and the ribbed surface will serve as the gripping feature to avoid slips. If you know someone who does yoga, Pilates, or balance-improving routines, you should definitely send this as one of the gifts for fitness enthusiasts.

This can be inflated in just a few minutes using the inflation pump that comes in the package. It also has two air stoppers and a workout guide so your loved one can use it right away. This ball comes in seven color choices to match the personality of your friend or family members.

gifts for fitness enthusiasts

3. Precor 240i Commercial Stretch Trainer

If you’re thinking of a massive surprise for someone, this Precor 240i Commercial Stretch Trainer won’t disappoint you. This is a full body stretcher that’s easy to store at home. The seats, backrest, and handles are padded for total comfort plus it’s also created with the right ergonomics to correct the posture. For deep squats, there are security wrist straps that can be used.

This machine comes with an instructional placard so the person you’re giving this to will already have an idea on how to use the machine. There are also small rubber pads on the steel platform that touches the floor to avoid instability tendencies while in use.

The Precor 240i machine is expensive than the other equipment I listed here but if you really want a loved one to be happy, every cent on this one is worthy.

4. Range Master Shoulder Pulley

Let a friend have a convenient stretching equipment with the Range Master Shoulder Pulley that’s less than 15 bucks. As one of the gifts for fitness enthusiasts, this has a metal bracket that can be mounted on any door your loved one wants to use. It has a pulley structure and wood handles that will be used as a shoulder and arm exerciser. This is better than bands if your special one isn’t fond of freestyle stretching.

Though it’s a pulley, this Range Master equipment won’t produce squeaking sounds. Your friend or family can use this while watching the baby or if they have a short free time.

You don’t have to worry about their doors having scratches as there’s a foam cushion that will prevent the metal from having direct contact with the wood.

5. North American Health Care Foot Rocker

Allow someone to relax using this North American Health Care Foot Rocker for as low as 10 bucks. This foot stretcher is made by sports professionals for topnotch comfort in the heel, soles, ankles, and lower leg in just 30 seconds. This foot rocker can fit almost every foot size and can help in easing pain from foot conditions like tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, and sprain.

Using this rocker three times a day in about 30 seconds each will give instant relief from pain especially if used while standing up. Your friend can do deep stretch on this device and you can also get one for yourself if you want.

If your friend is a runner, this foot rocker will be the best gift you can ever give.

gifts for fitness enthusiasts

6. North American Health Care Arched Back Stretcher

Sitting or driving for long can cause an intense backache. If your spouse or loved ones always experience this, giving them the North American Health Care Arched Back Stretcher is the best idea. As one of the gifts for fitness enthusiasts, it’s very affordable at less than $15. It helps relieve the pressure on the spine and the muscle pain from improper posture.

This back stretcher is well padded for utmost comfort when in use. Therapists are impressed with the design of this product and are likely to recommend it to their patients. This is the easy way to correct the posture of your loved one who used to slouch most of the time. It’s also best to use when working in front of a computer.

7. Teeter EP-560 Inversion Table

If you can’t afford the Precor machine but you still want to give a full body equipment, the Teeter EP-560 Inversion Table is your second choice. It’s half the price of Precor but still very effective in mild stretching. This machine is more of a back pain reliever with its heated pads, lumbar bridge, and acupressure nodes.

There are also ankle cups so your loved ones will have a safe stretch. The steel parts of this inversion table are sturdy and accurate for perfect angle settings. It also has easy angle control so you won’t need a partner just to go back to the standing position.

Your loved one can also perform inverted stretches here by folding the platform. Take chances on these gifts for fitness enthusiasts and free someone off their back pains.

8. CoreStretch Hamstring Stretcher

The last one on this list is the CoreStretch Hamstring Stretcher composed of steel parts that can be used as an arm stretcher. While sitting, the padded bar end should be placed on the lap while your loved one reaches for the bar handle. While doing that, tight muscles will surely pop and the hips would crack loose. The result? Better arm movement and fewer back pains.

For less than 80 bucks, this is already a nice choice. It’s good for someone who’s undergoing therapy from back issues. This is adjustable and can be used anywhere your loved one wishes so.

Like what I said in past articles, there’s no better gift than the gift of good health. These gifts for fitness enthusiasts I listed here would be your easy choices for your gift giving. Whatever your budget is, there’s something you can buy for your friend or family. Which of these do you have in mind? Let us know!