Top 10 Full Body Stretching Machines of 2017 Reviewed!

Stretching is a common thing and thinking of buying a machine just to do it efficiently is an absurd idea. Why would you spend hundreds of bucks to stretch? It’s unknown to many, but a lot of injuries happen during stretching and the failure to do it properly. Overstretching can occur and if you don’t have a machine to guide you, you’ll be having a hard time. With that, I created this best stretching machines review to help you out with your purchase and to choose the best one that suits your routine.

Just consider your budget and you’re going to find one that’s for the money.

1. Precor 240i Commercial Series Stretch Trainer

If you can spare a few hundred bucks for a commercial stretching machine, the Precor 240i Stretch Trainer should be your first bet. Ergonomically speaking, it’s minimalist but will allow you to do a wide variety of stretching routines. The instructional placard attached to it will give you ideas on the exercises that target certain muscle groups.

From warm-up to cool down, the biomechanics of this stretching machine will not fail you. Even if you’re doing an intense squat, you don’t have to worry about slipping as there are wrist straps to keep you in place. From the seat, kneepads, to handlebars, everything is padded for utmost protection against bumps.

With only 52 inches in length, it can fit almost every room or apartment. It’s also lightweight so you can move it anywhere in the house where you want to stretch.

2. Ironman IFT 1000 Infrared Inversion Table

Do you want to stretch and relax at the same time? This Ironman IFT1000 Infrared Inversion Table is actually a therapy machine but will also be a good stretching gear. It has a heating element made of Carbon Fiber FIR to soothe the back while it allows your body to have a mild stretch. Compared to the Precor 240i, you can get this one at a fraction of the price.

The heat from the pads will enter your body to give a relaxing feeling without the discomfort other machines have as a side effect. According to the best stretching machines review, this Ironman Inversion Table will help in your blood circulation, muscle relaxation, sprain healing, and overall wellness.

It has a compact length of 53 inches and long handles so you can easily go back to the upright position. It may not be as strenuous as other stretching machines, but this will work for individuals nursing an injury.

best stretching machines review

3. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E902 Elliptical Machine

Save space and money with the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E902 Elliptical Machine. With its air walk design, this elliptical machine will give you a full body stretch and workout for at least 20 minutes of use. You can reap all these with less impact than other stretching routines that you practice without a machine.

With a stride length of just 30 inches, the Sunny Health & Fitness machine won’t be too bulky in any home. While you stretch, the digital screen will show your progress including the calories you burn, time, and distance. It also has an abdominal pad for added support during your routine.

The best part is that you’ll get all these features in less than a hundred bucks! Even if you’re cash-strapped, you can make use of a machine like Sunny Health for your everyday stretching.

4. Total Gym XLS – Universal Home Gym

Look for the best stretching machines review and you’ll find out that investing in the Total Gym XLS – Universal Home Gym will be a wise choice. It has training charts, workout DVDs, meal guide, and a whole variety of exercise gears. From ages 8-80, your whole family will benefit from this machine. Though it can be a bit pricey, buying a Total Gym XLS will save you money by purchasing another one for your mom, dad, spouse, or kids.

Though it’s packed with stretching and workout features, this machine is easy to store with its foldable body. It only measures 51 inches when in use plus you don’t have to wreck your brain just to assemble this one.

Overall, this stretching machine is a holistic choice. It will guide you through stretching, workout, and cool down. There’s nothing else you can wish for.

5. LifeSpan SP1000 Stretch Partner

If you want a sturdy stretching partner, the LifeSpan SP1000 Stretch Partner could be your favorite. From head to toe, this equipment will give you the best stretching experience. Using gravity, LifeSpan will efficiently target your muscles. In fact, golfers love this machine as it improves their swing motion!

Aside from the solid steel-made equipment, you’ll also get an instructional chart and a DVD program. This equipment can endure up to 300 lbs. of user weight so everyone can have their stretching session with ease. LifeSpan is definitely a staple of the best stretching machines review

The LifeSpan SP1000 Stretch Partner has a patent pending smart pivot design. It also has transport wheels so you can move it anywhere you want to. The machine itself is just 50 inches long so size will never be an issue even if you’re living in a small apartment.

best stretching machines review

6. Gronk Fitness Stretch Machine

Stretch those muscles with the Gronk Fitness Stretch Machine! It’s a masterpiece made of 70 lbs of stainless steel for top quality as well as upholstery that will last long. It also comes with multiple grips so it will fit on every workout you’re doing. The parts are also adjustable so you’ll have the convenience of flexing and work out.

Either commercial or home use, this Gronk Machine will be very effective. It has a very exquisite look that can fit your home, office, or gym. With the maximum weight tolerance of 26 lbs, everyone will love to do a little stretching here.

The Gronk Machine is also a space saver as it only has 46 inches of length and 22 inches in width. It can be pricey but the whole thing is built to last. This is better than investing in cheap machines that will only be of use for several months. If you’re going to base on the best stretching machines review, Gronk will be the one to choose.

7. Nitrofit Limber ProStretch Machine

With Nitrofit Limber ProStretch Machine, customization is given lavishly. You can adjust the seat to seven different positions so anyone can have a comfortable experience. Aside from that, this machine comes with three calf-stretching angles, dual approach handles, and integrated wheel design. Be it for home or commercial use, this Nitrofit Kimber Machine won’t be a disappointment.

It relieves muscle soreness in a few minutes so you can be ready for a heavier workout. Using the instructional display, you no longer have to research for the routine you’ll do the other day. It’s all in the machine and the only thing you have to do is to start flexing.

Like the other choices I listed here, this one is compact with just 50 inches in length. Just note that you’ll do a little assembling for this product.

8. Century VersaFlex Stretching Machine

If you’re a person who can’t manage an hour of stretching and exercise a day, this Century VersaFlex Stretching Machine will be your best buy. It has four stretching arms that offer 190 degrees of flexing as well as multi-position thigh pads for your comfort. You just have to check with the indicator chart to get the right angle. I’m sure the best stretching machines review will indicate all these.

It may look intimidating at first, but once you assembled the machine, it’s going to pay off. The Century VersaFlex Machine can handle more than 200 pounds of weight. This will work for you very well if you’re under six feet tall, otherwise, there will be a slight bend in your knee to accommodate the heels. Still, it’s just a small downside compared to what it can do to your body.

If you don’t have a partner to guide you on your stretching, getting this machine will make it easy for you.

best stretching machines review

9. Teeter Inversion Table + Back Pain Relief

Aren’t you satisfied with the best stretching machines review about Ironman Inversion Table? Then this Teeter Inversion Table with Back Pain Relief will be your next choice. It’s FDA-approved and ranked as Class 1 medical equipment in Canada. This is very effective if you want a little stretch while healing an injury. It can give relief in just a few minutes through its heating pads and patented ergonomics.

It has stretch max handles so you can easily go back to the standing position as well as a lumbar bridge to support your lower back. You can tilt the table to 20, 40, or 60 degrees.

Teeter has an EZ reach ankle system to secure your feet and to reduce the bending factor when you’re reaching for your ankles. To make sure that your ankle won’t carry all your weight, there’s a weight distribution system on the inversion table.

10. KT Khanh Trinh Portable Pull Up Bar

What does the best stretching machines review recommend? It’s definitely the KT Khanh Trinh Portable Pull Up Bar where you can maximize gravity on your stretching. It’s made from durable steel that can carry up to 200 kilograms so you can hang, glide, and flip without worries. You can also adjust the bar to match your height even without a spanner wrench. If you’re planning to make a backflip on this, have at least two people hold the bar steadily.

This KT Portable Pull Up Bar is the best find for those who don’t want bulky equipment for their stretching. Even kids will enjoy this as their playtime/exercise tool. The good thing is that this is available in a fraction of the price of most pull up bars. Though affordable, this won’t bend or curve even during strenuous flexing. As for the kids, make sure to be of guidance.

This best stretching machines review is just a simple guide on your purchase. Don’t forget to consider your budget and needs before buying a machine. All I included here are efficient only if you’re enjoying using it. Anyway, which one would you consider buying? Let us know!