Stretching Equipment Buying Guide with Commercial Options Reviewed

Buying the best stretching equipment for home use isn’t just about the money but most especially, it’s about efficiency. All you would want is a machine that will work and will last longer than your last purchase. Choosing won’t be easy especially if you haven’t experience scouting for one in the first place. This is the reason why I listed some points here that you should consider before getting your next fitness equipment. I would also give a few suggestions on what’s hot in the stretching market nowadays.

The following are just some of the aspects that will help you in the selection process. Let this be your buying guide toward better stretching.

Knowing what you want to stretch

Getting a new or your first stretching equipment entails a certain goal. Would you want to work more on your legs or is it your arms you’re stretching? As you know, stretching equipment comes in all shapes and sizes as well as specializations. There are full body types while there are also pieces dedicated to certain parts of the body like the legs, arms, shoulders, or feet.

You should also think about what you want to achieve. This will help you make the most out of your money by avoiding buying a machine that won’t be 190-degree adjustable or can’t target certain muscles. The safest bet if you can’t decide is to get a full body model. This could be expensive but this will give you wider routine choices.

Ask yourself why you’re stretching and how you plan to stretch in the future. Do you want to do it while in bed or outdoors? All these things will be deciding factors when it’s time to buy the best stretching equipment for home use.

Checking your physical capabilities

There’s no such thing as one size fits all concept when it comes to fitness props. Each person will have varying needs as well as physical limitations. Injuries, height, or weight will also play vital roles, as some equipment can’t be used if you have back issues, if you’re short, or if you surpass the user weight limit.

On the other hand, your physical limitations shouldn’t discourage you from buying a stretching machine.  In fact, some models are clinically approved and help in the rehabilitation process of people suffering from arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, and more. It would matter if you ask your therapist about getting a stretching equipment. You can choose from less impactful types or one that you can use while sitting or lying down.

If you enjoy biking, walking, or other related activities, it would help to find stretching equipment that simulates these things. Just remember that regardless of what physical condition you have, there would be equipment choices for you in the market.

best stretching equipment for home

Space and budget

Some of us could be living in just a small apartment or may prefer smaller equipment at home. By checking the dimensions of your house’s space for the new machine, you can get the right fit for the best stretching equipment for home use. There are many models nowadays that can be folded and stored under the bed or in a small corner of your home.

Full body stretching machines may require a bigger space while small gears like dumbbells or bands can be easily stored in a bag or case. It’s just matter of personal preference. If you can accommodate big equipment, much better since you can stretch your body thoroughly. Smaller ones are also worth the purchase especially if you’re not planning to put up a home gym.

Most of all, don’t forget to consider your budget. Breaking your bank just to buy the top pick among fitness buffs won’t be a good choice. Buying very cheap ones are no good either. Just balance quality and price.


Nothing beats padded surfaces as it’s a testament to how serious the brand is in promoting wellness. It could be a soft upholstery material that can cushion blows and avoid injuries.  Make sure to get a right feel for the seat if you’re getting a full body stretch equipment. You’ll be spending a lot of time sitting on it so you must have utmost comfort possible.

If you’re buying arm stretchers as the best stretching equipment for home use, go for one with wrist straps. This will keep you out of the hospital when you suddenly lost grip of a twister.

The steel parts should be sturdy to avoid breaking after a few days of use. For a safe bet, get one with a money-back or lifetime guarantee. Manufacturers who offer lifetime warranties are risk-takers and highly confident about their products’ quality.

When in use, the machine or equipment shouldn’t produce annoying sound. This wouldn’t be a problem if you’re using at home but it will still be a plus point. Get one that uses gears instead of chords as these tend to last longer and aren’t easily torn.

Another thing is adjustability. The more customizable the machine is the better. It would allow other members of the family to use it so you won’t need to buy separate machines for your spouse or your kids.

User experience

The first thing that you should ask about when it comes to user experience is if the machine is easy to use. Machines with manuals or instruction plates never lose on this part as it gives the user convenient choice of routines. Anyway, you shouldn’t mistake this part as the machine making stretching easy always. At times, your body could have a hard time doing routines especially if you’d been inactive for a long time.

One more thing that falls under the user experience is the versatility. Like what I said earlier, adjustable models are the best stretching equipment for home use but you should check if the settings are easy to change. Some machines, leg stretch equipment, for example, would likely have angle settings. This should be easy to figure out and a manual should come handy.

Portable types are also preferable so you can move it around the room with ease. If you’re buying an arm stretch equipment, it’s best to get one that doesn’t need to be fixed permanently. Aside from avoiding holes in your walls, it would be more convenient to use.

best stretching equipment for home

Maintenance and Storage

Most equipment nowadays vies on the low-maintenance crown to lure more buyers. This is really true for many models out there but you should know whether it’s fit for indoor or outdoor use. Steel-made machines will usually last when used outside but it’s best to practice cleaning it to avoid rust or dirt accumulation.

When it comes to storage, machines won’t have a big issue since it can fit your living room or foldable ones can be stored under the bed. If you use stretch bands, avoid leaving it outdoors especially if it’s made from latex rubber. It may rot and lose its durability.

If you’d already bought one, it’s for sure that you’d considered these points. Just remember that even though the product states that it’s built to last long, you should practice proper maintenance steps. It can be as simple as wiping or oiling the gears and other parts of the best stretching equipment for home use. Maintenance steps should be easily available in the manual if ever the machine comes with one.

Installation and assembly

Let’s face it, the struggle with machines come when it’s time to assemble it. If you’re not good with bolts and nuts, you may have a hard time even if the product comes with a manual. You can always look for one that’s already pre-assembled so you can hop in it after unboxing to start flexing your tight muscles.

If you’re not buying a machine, buy an arm or shoulder stretcher that can be easily mounted on the door or somewhere else. Without the need for screwing, you can bring it anywhere you want to.

5 Best Stretching Equipment For Home Use

best stretching equipment for home

1. Precor 240i Stretch Trainer

From head to toe, Precor 240i Stretch Trainer is the best suggestion I can give you. It has padded seat, handles, and backrest for optimal comfort while you’re stretching. Overall, the commercial steel grade structure is ergonomically designed to correct your posture and flex your muscles.

This machine also has wrist straps and an instructional placard that you can use for a variety of provided routines. Even if you live in a small house, the Precor machine will fit perfectly as it only measures 52 X 28 X 36 inches.

Since this has gym-quality, you can enjoy stretching into a durable machine. Though it can be expensive, every cent is worth the purchase, as this equipment will last longer than your muscle pains.

2. LifeSpan SP1000 Stretch Partner

If you want a cheaper find but can compete with the quality of Precor, the LifeSpan SP1000 Stretch Partner is the equipment to be. It boasts its smart pivot system that allows users to deepen their stretch without the risk of the structure breaking while in use. This is also a sturdy model as it can carry up to 300 pounds of user weight.

The LifeSpan stretch machine is also equipped with transport wheels so you can easily pull it in and out of your living room. It also comes with instructional videos of systematic programs and routines that you can perform on the stretcher. Like the Precor, it also has padded surfaces and a pair of wrist supports.

You may want to use this machine with a carpet underneath to remove the wobbly tendency.

3. Nitrofit Limber Pro Stretch Machine

After seeing the two best options I gave you and you’re still not satisfied, the Nitrofit Limber Pro Stretch Machine will be your third choice. It cost almost the same with the LifeSpan model but has a better built with no unstable tendencies. The seat is very adjustable with seven positions paired with three calf stretch angles.

You can deepen you stretch here while having the peace of mind that the equipment will hold you in place. In just a few minutes of using this best stretching equipment for home use, you can feel a difference in your routines.

Nitrofit is also very easy to move. The padding at the end of the steel platform may look like plastic caps but those are actually wheels for easy transporting.

4. TMAS Pro Leg Stretcher

Full body stretch machines aren’t always the top choice so if you just want to do regular leg flexing, then the TMAS Pro Leg Stretcher is the one for you. It will allow your legs to stretch up to 180 degrees or a total split. From the back support to the seat and leg rests, everything is padded. There’s also a stirring wheel in front so you can control the angle easily. This best stretching equipment for home use works with gears instead of bands so you’ll have equipment that lasts.

The best part of this leg stretcher is it comes pre-assembled. You just have to place the steering wheel on the bolt and start stretching your legs.

5. Tiger Claw’s Steel Leg Stretcher

If you can’t afford to buy machines over 100 bucks, you can have a starter equipment with the Tiger Claw’s Steel Leg Stretcher. It’s made of three bars where the two have padded footrests. The middle bar will serve as the handle while you stretch. This is adjustable and you just have to unscrew it from the bracket and use the holes like how you would tighten a belt.

Storage-wise, Tiger Claws won’t be a problem. You can toss it under your bed or table and retrieve it to stretch. Totally hassle free for just a small price.

After reading all of these, you’re now ready to buy the best stretching equipment for home use. The tips I gave here will guide you and the five commercial suggestions will shortcut your way in placing a purchase. Whatever budget you have, there would always be something for you. Do you already have one in mind? Let us know your stretchy choice!