10 Stretching Equipment For Dancers That Will Give You Better Grooves

Dancing is fun, regardless if you’re just joining the community Zumba session or you’re into competitive styles. This activity is a good way to maintain the body without getting burned out to repetitive routines at the gym. Though dancing is an entertaining form of exercise, the body will still experience strain after a long session. Flexing before the actual routine is important and you can make it simple with the use of different stretching equipment for dancers.

Stretching Equipment For Dancers

stretching equipment for dancers

Here are 10 of my picks based on its price, use, and quality. Whatever you choose, this equipment will work perfectly for your dancer body. Read on and start improving your grooves!

1. STUNT Stand Door Stretching Strap

Flexibility is very important if you’re into ballet dancing, cheer dancing, or any groovy activities. With that, you should stretch your limbs well and carefully with the help of STUNT Stand Door Stretching Strap. This is easy and safe to use on your door without the risk of snapping as this is made from durable 10-foot fabric. Stretching using this strap can improve your hamstring stretch bands for flexibility. There are also secured loops so you can flex your arms and legs with peace of mind.

Upon purchase, you’ll have access to the video materials on the product’s site so you can make the most out of your strap. Aside from the product itself, there are also free cheerleading temporary tattoos for added fun on your stretching.

For less than $35, this is a wise investment compared to buying large equipment right away. Achieve the flexibility you’re dreaming of and buy this STUNT strap!

2. Ballet Foot Stretching Equipment For ballet dancers feet

Dancing ballet will include a lot of footwork and discipline. It takes years for a ballerina to master this, and if you’re just starting, it will help to purchase a Ballet foot stretchers for dancers. This will assist you in improving the point of your toes without so much pain. The product is made from natural wood that is carved carefully to delicately caress the foot while in use. This foot stretch is made only of wood and soft sleeve fabric so there’s no way you’re foot is going to be injured.

This Ballet Foot Stretch has a patented design and recommended for the development of dancers’ feet. You can try other foot stretches but you’ll only see fast results on this model. Try buying it for you or your daughter who’s doing ballet and both of you will definitely love it. It could be a bit pricey for less than $130, but this is better than buying different foot stretchers all the time.

stretching equipment for dancers

3. TMAS Pro Leg Stretcher

If you have extra money, you should consider a TMAS Pro Leg Stretcher. This will allow you to improve your splits up to a 180-degree angle as well as increase the health of your hamstring muscles. It has a strong metal construction with padded seat, backrest, and leg rest for total comfort. This stretching equipment for dancers comes fully assembled so you don’t have anything to worry about.

The TMAS Pro Leg Stretcher has gears instead of cables on its construction so it will last longer and nothing will break off once this is in use. Its steering wheel handle will also give easy angle adjustments on the leg rests. You can also utilize the attached latch to hold a certain angle in place.

You might be hesitant to purchase this given the fact that it’s less than $250. But once you experience stretching on it, you’ll realize that it’s worth the purchase.

4. Sportneer Hand Grip Strengthener Kit

If you always lift your fellow dancers on your dance squad, you should have strong hands to keep them from falling. Using the Sportneer Hand Grip Strengthener Kit, you can now stretch your whole arms even if you’re on the go. This kit comes with a hand gripper, hand exerciser, finger stretcher, grip ring, and a squishy ball. The handgrip is adjustable at 22 to 88 pounds of resistance. Even if you’re nursing a hand injury from a failed routine, this kit will help you in the recovery process.

The stretching equipment for dancers comes with a user manual so you can use each stretcher properly. If you’re a musician, golfer, mountain climber, or weightlifter aside from being a dancer, this kit is for you.  You can also buy this for the whole family as the kit can help kids improve their grip or your grandparents with their shaky hands.

5. YouActive Sports AB Wow 3000 Ab Roller with stretchy bands for dance

Looking for a full body stretching equipment? This YouActive Sports AB Wow 3000 Ab Roller will help you tone your core while you stretch your arms, legs, and shoulders. In a push-up position, slowly roll these two wheels. This is a geo-balanced equipment that can hold up to 500 pounds of user weight. This won’t produce any squeaking sound.

Aside from the double wheels, this equipment also has two resistance stretchy bands for dance that you can attach to the wheel itself. The dancers stretch bands are coated with fabric and the handles of the wheel are well padded to avoid injuries. For less than 50 bucks, you’ll have a stretching equipment for dancers that will last a lifetime.

You can use this for mild stretching as well as intense workout routines. This is also helpful in melting abdominal fats that may get in the way of your grooves. Aside from the equipment, the package comes with a free knee mat and a travel-carrying bag. What else can you wish for?

stretching equipment for dancers

6. Stamina In Line Back Stretcher

After a tiring Zumba session, all you would want is a comfy stretcher that will restore the strength of your back. The Stamina In Line Back Stretcher will decompress your spine and reduce pain in the hips, back, and ankles. Everything on this bench is upholstered and the heel rests and handles are also well padded. By using the ankle locks, you will keep your legs in traction while you lay flatly on your back. The foam upholstery has curves on it that will contour perfectly on your body.

This equipment has a cranking lever that you can use for slow decompression. The armrests are also adjustable as well as the height of the equipment so almost everyone can use this as a stretching device. The Stamina In Line device will help you restore your posture or keep yourself from slouching. Remember, a good dancer has a good form. If you’re planning to buy, this stretching equipment for dancers is less than $160.

7. BlueRanger Shoulder Pulley

Compact equipment are wise choices especially if you’re staying in a small house. It’s easy to store and using it won’t eat much space in the house. If you’re looking for one, consider buying the BlueRanger Shoulder Pulley. This has a metal bracket that you simply need to mount on your door to start pulling the handles. You can use this while standing up or sitting in a chair. Just don’t forget to lock the door, okay?

This is an effective therapy equipment if you have shoulder or arm issues. You can even bring it to the office and stretch during your break time. This is made of durable nylon plus a self-lubricating roller that won’t produce annoying squeaks. If you’re thinking of length issues, fret no more as this pulley has cleat handles that you can easily adjust to your preferred length. The cord itself is 85-inch long.

8. OPTP Original Stretch Out Strap – flexistretcher

If you can’t get enough of straps, you can get the best-selling OPTP Original Stretcher Strap. This is made of sturdy nylon fabric with 10 individual loops so you can choose the resistance that you prefer. You can use this strap on intense stretching routines before your dance session. This stretching equipment for dancers won’t break easily and it will allow you to perform freestyle stretching even without a partner.

Physical therapists love this flexistretcher strap that explains why this product sells like hotcakes. It’s versatile yet very affordable for less than 20 bucks. Aside from the strap, there’s also a booklet that you can refer to in the package.

If you know tons of stretching exercises, this strap can be a full body stretching equipment. You can save hundreds of dollars from buying hefty machines. This product works exactly as advertised and if you’re buying for peace of mind, you can never go wrong with this one.

stretching equipment for dancers

9. Arch Genie Foot Stretcher

The Ballet Foot Stretcher could be a bit pricey for beginners, so as an economical choice, I would suggest the Arch Genie Foot Stretcher. It’s less than 60 bucks and works perfectly on stretching your foot and legs. It has an elongated ankle rest and a foot sleeve for a comfortable stretch. This works for people doing ballet, Pilates, yoga, gymnastics, dance, and even therapy.

The Arch Genie equipment can be used by kids age eight and above. So if you have a budding ballerina in the house, you shouldn’t hesitate to get one. This stretching equipment for dancers took years of field-testing before finally being released in the market in 2009. That alone is enough for an assurance that you’ll get your money’s worth.

This really helps and can compete in the efficiency of $150 worth of equipment. Low cost, durable, fancy-looking, and working. Just a perfect piece of stretching device.

10. RiversEdge Products Slant Board

An injured ankle is the least you want to have in an upcoming dance competition. If you always have painful calves and ankles, you should start using the RiversEdge Products Slant Board. This is made of birch wood with striped safety treads so you won’t slip while using it.

The slant of this board can be adjusted to five different angles: 15, 20, 25, 30, and 35 degrees. Using this will save you from possible injuries in the Achilles tendon, calf, shin, and the lower leg. This board could also tell you which of your legs are tight once you step on it with your two feet.

They have commercial and home use models that vary in size and angles. The dance equipment for home use type only has three angle adjustments but if you have space in your house, it’s best to get the commercial type. This slant board costs less than $90.

Tight muscles shouldn’t stop your dancing hobby. These stretching equipment for dancers will help you stretch properly so your body is always conditioned for new grooves. From head to toe, you can find your choice of equipment on this list that can also fit your budget. Which of these would you love to buy? Share it with us!