5 Stretching Equipment Pairs You Should Have The Soonest

If you’re looking for a new set of fitness gears, you’re on the right post. It could be a full body stretching machine or a simple pair of small devices that will bring comfort to your everyday life. Like my past lists, I made sure that you’ll have nice choices here no matter what your budget is. These products are selling like hotcakes, so if you’re thinking of buying one, make sure to purchase the soonest.

1. Sunny Health & Fitness Air Walker + Limm Exercise Resistance Loop Bands

If you love stationary bikes and air walkers, this pair is the one for you. The Sunny Health & Fitness Air Walker has non-slip pedals that will simulate an actual walk or run with the smoothest motion. This machine can carry user weight of up to 220 pounds and can serve as a full body stretching machine. For just 20 minutes of using this, you’ll feel the difference in your body especially if you’re intending to lose weight.

If you want to level up your experience with this air walker, you can use the Limm Exercise Resistance Loop Bands. Just put it on the wheels and the other pole serving as the stand and start walking or running. This package comes with five different bands of varying resistance. The bands also have instructional materials so you can maximize it even if you’re not using the air walker.

For less than 80 bucks, this pair is already a winner.

2. Tiger Claw’s Steel Leg Stretcher + ProStretch Foot Rocker

Start stretching your legs with the Tiger Claw’s Steel Leg Stretcher. It’s made from three durable pull bars on which the two has heel padding for comfortable use. By pulling the handlebar in the middle, you’ll get a quick stretch and you can adjust the angle and length of the pull bar on the bracket. This is easier to use than a full body stretching machine and way affordable as well.

You can save hundreds of bucks from other machines once you get this. If you’re done with the leg stretching, let your foot muscles tone down using the ProStretch Foot Rocker. This will allow you to make deeper flexes than merely performing curb stretches.

This foot rocker can fit shoes up to size 13 and can accommodate user weight of up to 250 pounds. The ProStretch Foot Rocker can help in conditions like shin splints, heel pain, and a strained calf. For less than 80 bucks, this is worth the purchase.

full body stretching machine

3. Gripmaster Hand Exerciser + Elgin Foot Exerciser

Your fingers and toes are quite overlooked when it comes to stretching. These parts of your body do a lot of work and can be strained after some time. If you always got stiff fingers, you will find ease by having the Gripmaster Hand Exerciser. The finger slots of this grip are made using the spring-loaded piston technology for utmost efficiency.

This equipment comes in different resistance levels that are identifiable through its color. Black is for heavy, blue is for light, green is for XX-light tension, red is for medium tension, and yellow is for X-light tension.

For your toes, the Elgin Foot Exerciser is the best find. It has a lever-like structure where you’ll have to rest your foot on the platform and pull the lever using your toes. This can be used as a rehabilitative tool for foot injuries like heel spur syndrome and plantar fasciitis. You can already have this pair for less than $50.

4. Nitrofit Stretch Machine + North American Healthcare Arched Back Stretcher

If you can spend more for your new set of stretching equipment, you should definitely invest in the Nitrofit Stretch Equipment. This is a full body stretching machine that has a calf stretch station and support bars not to mention its well-padded seats and handles. This machine also comes with an instructional display with nine exercises that you can use.

The seat of this machine is adjustable to seven different positions and the calf stretch can be adjusted to three different angles. This Nitrofit machine also has small wheels so you can move it anywhere you want to.

After the intense stretching on the machine, you should let your body cool down. Lie on the North American Healthcare Arched Back Stretcher to give your upper body one last stretch. This back stretcher is well padded for your comfort and can also be used on your chair, car seat, or bed.

This combination could be a bit expensive at less than $500, but considering the benefits you’ll reap, this is definitely a wise choice.

full body stretching machine

5. J. H. Smith Company Shoulder Stretcher + Stunt Stand Door Flexibility Strap

If you don’t have space at home to use machines and bulky equipment, let the J.H. Smith Company Shoulder Stretcher be your go-to device. You can simply mount it on your door and start flexing your arms and shoulders. This has two pulley handles than you can use to tone your abs, muscles, or just stretch your upper body. This shoulder stretcher is made of sturdy 38-inch nylon rope that can last long and won’t snap easily.

If you want a break from the upper body routine, you can use the Stunt Stand Door Flexibility Strap to stretch your legs.  You should have this if you’re dreaming to achieve a full 180-degree split or if you always had tight hamstrings.

Both of these devices are minimalist and can be hanged on your door. This is very advisable if you’re living in a small house. For less than 50 bucks, you’re golden on this pair.

Be it a full body stretching machine or just small equipment, this list I gave you will contain it all. These choices fit almost every budget and every stretching type that you want. So if you’re thinking of getting any of these, place a purchase now before the stocks are gone. Which of these appeals to you? Let us know!