10 Best Martial Arts Leg Stretcher That You Should Consider Buying by 2019

Stretching is a fundamental routine in martial arts. Bruce Lee would be spending hours practicing stretching routines to improve his flexibility. Jackie Chan is doing the same thing before he nails his iconic stunts. If you’re an aspiring martial artist, you should have a stretching regimen just like the pros. You can get the best martial arts leg stretcher if you want a partner and reliable tool in increasing your overall flexibility and in keeping your hammies in check. It doesn’t have to be expensive all the time. You just have to dig deep on the equipment offers and you’ll get one for the money.

Best Martial Arts leg stretching machine

best martial arts leg stretcher

The good news is that you won’t need to go selecting over hundreds of equipment on sale. If you’re reading this post, you can now start purchasing. Check the items I listed here for your choices on your 2018 shopping.

1. Precor 240i Stretch Trainer

The Precor 240i Stretch Trainer isn’t actually an exclusive leg stretcher. It’s a full body stretching machine that’s made with commercial quality so it can fit for home use or even in office gyms. The construction is worth the price as it has a sturdy frame made of high-grade steel and has an ergonomic design for the utmost comfort of up to 250 pounds of user weight.

Precor 240i Stretch Trainer

This machine also comes with an instructional card attached to the handle. It gives a quick reference to a few routines you can perform in the machine. No parts of this equipment are adjustable but this downside can be compensated with the well-padded seat and kneepads. Precor isn’t short of safety features as it comes with wrist straps if ever you got too deep on your squats.

Precor 240i is compact and weighs a lightweight 60 pounds considering its functionality and overall construction. Users are very much satisfied with it and they even found the machine as enjoyable bonding equipment for the whole family. It’s worth more than 600 bucks but it’s definitely worth the purchase as the best martial arts leg stretcher.

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2. TMAS Pro Leg Stretcher

If your legs fail you during your high kicks, you should consider getting the TMAS Pro Leg Stretcher as your next martial arts equipment. This product claims to help you nail a full 180-degree split (in case you need to do so) and it’s safe to say that it works just as advertised. The seats and backrest are adjustable and it functions through a gear system rather than the usual cable setup that can easily snap.

I’m not a fan of assembling equipment so it’s a good news that this TMAS product comes fully assembled. You just have to put the steering wheel in place and you’re good to stretch. Almost every part is padded from the backrest to the leg pads and the adjustment of the angle can be controlled solely using the steering wheel you attached.

This machine can hold up to 235 pounds of user weight that I think is enough for a martial artist like you. Purchase this and see the change in just a few months.

best martial arts leg stretcher

3. LifeSpan SP1000 Stretch Partner

Like the Precor 240i, the LifeSpan SP1000 Stretch Partner is a full body machine. But why would you buy hefty machines at a bigger price if you can get a leg stretcher in the quarter of the price? Well, the answer would be versatility as the best martial arts leg stretcher. LifeSpan doesn’t just help you release tight legs, but it will also strengthen your back and glutes that are very crucial when you’re performing martial arts routines that require an optimal range of motion.

Aside from the sturdy construction that has a similarity to that of Precor, the LifeSpan machine comes with 30-minute DVD video material as well as a flipbook of exercises and techniques. What’s unique with this machine is that it’s made with a patent-pending flex-smart pivot system that you can’t find on any other machines. It will give deeper stretches without overexerting the body.

This product is 10 pounds heavier than the Precor machine but it’s worth the hassle as it can carry up to 300 pounds of user weight. That’s stronger than the 250-pound limit on the Precor model.

4. GTMA Tiger Deluxe Leg Stretcher Machine

If the martial artist in you isn’t satisfied with the TMAS Stretcher, you can consider getting the GTMA Tiger Deluxe Leg Stretcher Machine. It has vinyl padding that’s clean to look at and probably longer leg room as well as an adjustable backrest. The steering wheel of this model has a self-locking feature so your leg rests won’t be flailing when you’re stretching. As the best martial arts leg stretcher, it has a cable system and it doesn’t have any hydraulic leaks.

But unlike the limited 180-degree angle of the TMAS, this GTMA model can be adjusted up to 270 degrees. It’s not that you can actually stretch that much, but that feature speaks a lot about the versatility of the equipment. Another advantage of this product is it can hold up to 275 pounds of user weight. That’s 40 pounds more than the TMAS model can hold.

I believe that this will come fully assembled just like the other leg stretchers I mentioned earlier. It may not have the same instructional materials as TMAS, but this Tiger Deluxe is still one effective leg stretcher for your martial arts routine.

5. Century Versaflex Stretching Machine

Do you want additional back stretching while you improve your legs’ flexibility? This Century Versaflex Stretching Machine will be the best martial arts leg stretcher. The leg pads can be adjusted up to 190 degrees to give your limbs the maximum stretch you need even if you’re in a hurry. The leg pads are multi-positioned and you can refer to the chart that it comes with for the right angle adjustments.

While you stretch your legs, you can lean over the handle to give your lower back a flex. The handle can be adjusted in four different positions so you can have the stretch level that you want.  The only downside about this machine is it doesn’t come with any exercise manuals. You’ll need to look it up on the internet but you don’t have to worry as there are many materials that you can find.

Another thing that you should remember before buying this equipment is you have to assemble it. This may sound intimidating, but once you’re stretching into it, you’re going to thank yourself.

best martial arts leg stretcher

6. E-Z Stretch Leg Metal Stretcher for Martial Arts

I understand that not all of us are fond of bulky machines let alone the price tag each one has. This is why you should consider getting the E-Z Stretch Leg Metal Stretcher for Martial Arts. This best martial arts leg stretcher is made of solid steel construction with 21 holes and powder coated surfaces to avoid chipping. The E-Z Stretch model also has a T-pull handle that makes it easy for you to pull it off the floor and to hold your position during a certain stretch.

This product will allow you to have 36 different stretch levels, unlike other kinds that only have five. You can also use this on a carpeted area without worrying about snags. This product also has high-density rubber padding on the handles that won’t crack or wear off easily.

E-Z Stretch is used by MMA and martial arts enthusiasts specifically those who practice Kung Fu and Karate. The angle of the leg bars is adjustable and you can go as far as your legs can manage.

7. Yoga EVO Elastic Stretching Strap

You don’t always have to get steel equipment just to improve your leg flexibility for martial arts routines. As a substitute, you can have the Yoga EVO Elastic Stretching Strap. It’s made from soft and elastic cotton with 10 loops that can serve as resistance adjustments on your stretching. This is preferable if you want a piece of equipment that you can bring on your car or studio effortlessly.

Yoga EVO Elastic Stretching Strap

Yogis and dancers prefer the Yoga EVO strap but it will also improve your legs’ flexibility as a martial artist. If you know some freestyle stretching drills, you can incorporate this equipment. It’s versatile enough to stretch the whole body. This best martial arts leg stretcher comes with a printed instructional pamphlet and access to the product’s online portal for a list of routines.

This strap measures 55 inches but can be as long as 110 inches when stretched. It won’t snap easily like latex bands as it’s made from a combination of cotton and spandex. If you can only spare about 20 bucks for additional equipment, this is going to be your best find.

8. Ideal Stretch Hamstring Stretcher Device

Stretching isn’t just about flexing your legs until it hurts. You should do it properly to avoid injuries that may get in the way of your martial arts practice. It’s advisable to have the Ideal Stretch Hamstring Stretcher Device. This equipment will keep your knees in the right position while it stretches your hamstrings and calf. While stretching with the device, you’ll also benefit from the hip orientation support that it gives.

This best martial arts leg stretcher is cost-effective just like the Yoga EVO strap if ever you’re a little cash-strapped to get pricey machines.  Aside from saving you hundreds of dollars, this will assist your stretching to avoid overexertion. Just remember to hold your stretches in a maximum of 30 seconds to avoid injuries.

The Ideal Stretch device comes with an instructional DVD for a quick routine reference. If you want to save more, you can get the package without the DVDs, but it’s still advisable to spare a few dollars for the complete stretching experience.

best martial arts leg stretcher

9. FlexFixx Stretch Strap

If you’re too meticulous to be satisfied with the Yoga EVO strap, the FlexFixx Stretch Strap would be your second choice. Instead of the former’s 10 loops, this strap has 12 loops that have padded surfaces so it won’t hurt your hands and feet while stretching. This is 93 inches long when not stretched so both beginners and professionals can use it with equal ease and efficiency.

Aside from the strap, the package comes with a free guidebook where you can find the 33 stretching routines for the equipment. You can focus on your legs, arms, or upper body whenever you want to. This can also be used as recovery equipment after a surgery or during therapy from injuries.

Even if you’re a petite person, this strap won’t be too long to use. You can simply adjust your hold on the loops and you’re going to have a worthwhile stretching. This best martial arts leg stretcher has the right intensity to improve your legs’ flexibility or to warm it up before your martial arts practice.

10. Homgrace Pro Leg Stretcher

If you want another choice aside from the E-Z Stretch device before you make a purchasing decision, the Homgrace Pro Leg Stretcher would be the one. It’s made from three solid bars attached to a bracket. The footrests and handle are all padded for your comfort and you can adjust the pull bar on the stretching level that you want.

Homgrace Pro Leg Stretcher

You’ll need to assemble some parts of this equipment but consider that it’s just a simple stretcher, this wouldn’t be an issue. For your martial arts routine, you don’t have to buy machines that cost about $300 or $600. This Homgrace Leg Stretcher device would be a risk-free investment as it only cost less than 30 bucks. If you want to enhance your kicking power for Jiu Jitsu or your leg power or karate, this is a good buy.

Getting the best martial arts leg stretcher will cost you a little more than stretching without a piece of equipment. But the big advantage here is that you’re going to maximize the ability of your body with less risk of injuries. There are affordable choices I included here so you can purchase one next year even if you’re on a budget. Which of these fits your martial arts practice? Let us know!