10 Benefits of Stretching That Will Change The Way You Look At Exercise

Stretching is more than just an obligatory activity that you read on another health-conscious blog. It actually gives you a lot of physical and mental advantages than starting the day with cold muscles. The benefits of stretching in the morning are the same when you do it in the afternoon or some other time of the day. Here are some of the things that you can enjoy:

1. It gives you a fitter body

If you’d always been the slouching kid, stretching regularly can transform you into a person with a nice posture. It will also help your body get fitter if you pair it with a workout routine afterward. As a start, focus on stretching your chest, shoulders, lower back, and legs. This will loosen up your tight muscles and prepare you for a more rigorous stretching in the future if you wish so.

2. It improves your flexibility

Are you a frustrated cheerleader? Stretching can actually help you nail that 180-degree split in just a few weeks of regular routines. Flexing your muscles will unleash your full range of motion so the next time you try the splitters, you’ll have an effortless attempt. You may not be an athlete, dancer, or anyone with an active lifestyle, but having increased body flexibility will pay off in times of need.

benefits of stretching in the morning

3. Benefits of stretching in the morning: It shields you against injuries

When you stretch, you avoid your muscles from shortening. This is necessary since short muscles can easily get cramped once you move beyond the capability of your tight hammies. Stretching will also increase the distribution of nutrients in your body that your muscles need to function optimally. Well-stretched muscles are also flexible and less likely to be overextended even on strenuous activities. Aside from this, you can also decrease joint soreness.

4. It increases your energy levels

Some days can be really dragging. If you feel like a wilting lettuce in the morning, get at the balls of your feet and start stretching. At least five minutes of doing simple routines can already lift your mood and increase your energy. Lethargy makes your muscles tight and you’ll be trapped in the endless routine of a sedentary lifestyle. With warmed up muscles, you’re now ready to take on the day. Don’t forget your cup of coffee!

5. It enhances your blood circulation

The more you move, the more you pump your blood. If you can’t spare longer hours for exercise, you should stretch for at least five minutes a day or 30 minutes for three days a week. This is enough to improve your blood circulation according to the American Council for Exercise. A healthy blood supply in different parts of your body will help your organs function better. So start stretching now to reap the benefits of stretching in the morning!

benefits of stretching in the morning

6. It reduces your cholesterol levels

Regular stretching can help harness your cholesterol and blood sugar levels. This is because the routines you perform help in preventing the hardening of the arteries of the heart. Such condition could lead to a series of heart diseases. A study in 2011 found that diabetics who stretch for at least 40 minutes a day have experienced a positive effect on their cholesterol levels. This is even after they drank a sugary beverage!

7. It will make you on the go, always!

With pumping blood, warmed-up muscles, and more energy, there’s no doubt, stretching will make you always on the go. This is important if you have strict deadlines at work or you’re working in the field. If you want to be up and running even at 4 pm, make it a habit to stretch for five minutes in separate times of the day. This is better than having another cup of joe.

8. It will make you less clumsy

It’s not embarrassing that once, I was a clumsy human that can bump into a table and end up with a swollen, bluish patch on my leg. Not to mention the times I tripped at grade school, I totally had a balance issue. If you’re experiencing the same thing, stretching will help you out. For at least 30 minutes a day, you’ll reap the benefits of stretching in the morning.

benefits of stretching in the morning

9. It will lessen the pain of movement

If you’re a grandpa masked in the body of a 20-something, it’s time to stretch and crack those tight joints and muscles. It’s not enough to stretch, you should do it right. Don’t resort to static stretches all the time, instead, maximize the range of motion of your body. You can do knee bends, wrist bends, or circular arm motions. Just 5-10 minutes a day and you’re golden, grandpa.

10. It will reduce your stress

Your stress ball shouldn’t always take the beating. Get out of your desk for at least five minutes and do a little stretching. It will help if you have small, portable stretching equipment in your office. Flexing for a few minutes is enough to release the mental and physical tension you’re experiencing.

There are benefits of stretching in the morning, afternoon, and evening that you’ll enjoy if you just stick to your routine. Stretching can be simple leg bends or a machine-equipped drill. Whatever you do, it’s important that you do it right. Are you planning to start a stretching routine? Let us help you in the comment section!